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Today, Bragard is proud to collaborate with the greatest names in French and European gastronomy, such as Jessica Préalpato and Alexandre Mazzia.

bragard AMBASSOR 2022


Pastry chef

What a pride for the Maison Bragard to be accompanied  this year by Jessica Préalpato, authentic, radiant and  talented pastry chef!  A daring career, collaborations with renowned Chefs,  an incomparable originality in her creations:  her signature makes a mark and shines in France and abroad!
“The Maison Bragard  has been with me since my first steps in pastry making.  I am extremely proud today to represent their magnificent House.  It is the showcase of the beautiful values  that France carries in the respect of its teams  and its know-how.”

Jessica Prealpato égérie Bragard

Alexandre Mazzia Egerie Bragard

bragard AMBASSOR 2022


Chef at AM Restaurant - 3*Michelin

The year 2022 is placed under the stars and excellence: what an honor for Maison Bragard to be represented by the three-starred Chef Alexandre Mazzia! The Chef follows only one rule: instinct. He cooks what he is and creates his own codes of “knowing how to receive”. These codes are constantly evolving, like the map that displays different travel times without ever revealing the destination... No path was marked out in advance, no one knows exactly what they will taste.
“The Maison Bragard is a house of French tradition, always in perpetual motion. Its elegance crosses its time to embellish wonderful craftsmen who make the value of our heritage. I am proud and happy to be able to take part in it, by sharing a unique know-how.”

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