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To wear a Bragard jacket is to affirm one's own image and live up to one's own commitments, starting with perfection. In starred kitchens from brasseries and bistros to nouvelle cuisine restaurants, chefs share with Bragard the values of respect, commitment, gratitude and simplicity.

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Yves Mattagne Bragard



Brasserie Balthazar - Knokke-Heist

Following his military service in the Belgian navy, he started out working in the kitchens of the Hilton International Hotel in Brussels. After 3 years, he transfered to the Hilton International Gatwick.  For two years, he assumes the role of Chef of the gastronomic restaurant. Once back in Belgium, he takes up residence at the Orangerie where he assists Michel Beyls. Yves Mattagne next undertakes an 8-month internship at the Divellec in Paris. His training there will allow him to prepare the opening of the Sea Grill Restaurant at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Brussels, where he serves as chef through January of 1990. In 1991, he obtains a first star from Michelin and is named Chef of the month by Gault and Millau. And in 1997, the Sea Grill at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel (now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel) receives its second Michelin star. In July of 2010, Yves Mattagne becomes the sole owner of the Sea Grill. In August of 2016, he also opens the Brasserie Balthazar in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.



"K" - St Moritz

The chef Bernadette Lisibach comes from Luzern (Switzerland) and since 2011, has served as chef in the gastronomic restaurant, Neue Blumenau in Lömmenschwil, promoted in 2013 into the exclusive circle of the Great Tables of Switzerland.  Her cuisine is defined as classic, capitalising on the freshness of the ingredients, which promotes an authentic cuisine, both elegant and agreeable. Her past experiences in the best restaurants, the Hotel Montana in Luzern, the Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Interlaken, then as sous-chef to Daniel Bumann at the Chesa Pirani, La Punt. After that, she directed the kitchens at ‘’K’’ in St Moritz. In October of 2014, Bernadette Lisibach was named chef of the year 2015 by Gault et Millau.

Bernadette Lisibach Bragard
Daniel Bumann Bragard




 Daniel Bumann, born in 1958, is a Swiss chef hailing from Saas-Fee/VS. Captain of the national Swiss team, in 1988 he led it to the title "Champions of the World of Cuisine". It was in December of 1990 that he opened his first restaurant in Naters, the Bumanns Kulinarium. From 1995 to 2017 Daniel Bumann and his wife Ingrid directed the gastronomic restaurant BUMANNS CHESA PIRANI at la Punt, near St Moritz. His restaurant is recognised as one of the ten best tables of Switzerland. Since the spring of 2017, Daniel Bumann has devoted himself to his television programme, "The Restaurant Tester". His culinary skills earned him 2 stars from Michelin, and 18 points in the Gault et Millau guide.



FACIL - Berlin

Michael Kempf was born in 1977 in Sigmaringen, Germany. A double-starred chef, he masterfully managed the Restaurant FACIL of the Hotel Mandala in Berlin.  His professional career has been built around 2 important phases: Since 2003, he has directed the kitchens of the Restaurant FACIL training with Lothar Eiermann in the traditional German gastronomic arts. Prior to that, he worked with André Jaeger starting in 1999 and with Dieter Mueller as of 2001. He is recognised for his excellent interpretation of German cuisine. His cuisine is cosmopolitan and creative.

Michael Kempf Bragard
Amandine Chaignot Bragard



The Mirror Room - LondrES

 Amandine Chaignot hails from Orsay in the île de France region of northern France. A graduate of the Ferrandi school where she earned her culinary stripes, she is recognised as a highly gifted chef. Amandine started out by working three years for the Plaza Athénée located at the Ritz London Hotel, followed by a stint at Le Meurice, and then the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris for two years. She was then named chef of the restaurant at the Hôtel Raphael where she stayed through 2014. At 37, Amandine Chaignot found herself in the running for stars. Today, Amandine has found her own culinary identity, and plies her trade at the Mirror Room in the Rosewood Hotel in London. From this home, and inspired by its history and techniques, Amandine Chaignot has today found her own culinary identity, offering a cuisine that is at once fresh, lively and refined.



Sartoria - London

Francesco Mazzei hails from Italy but for many years has resided in England. He is from a Calabrese family which infused in him a passion for the culinary arts, which he perfected in college. In 1992, his first position was with the Roman restaurant: the Grand Hôtel. He then emigrated to England to join the restaurant at the Dorchester. After numerous engagements in England and around the world, he was named executive chef of the Sartoria in the Mayfair section of London. Not to be left out, either, is his remarkable success at the London restaurant, l’Anima. His cuisine represents the strong and cultivated character of a man who owes his many successes to his relentless drive, and the savoir-faire it has earned him. 

Francesco Massei Bragard
José Manuel Miguel Bragard



The CookBook - Calpe

Head chef at the gastronomic hotel, The CookBook in Calpe (province of Alicante), José Manuel Miguel is the only Spanish chef in Paris awarded 2 Michelin stars. He learned his trade alongside Martin Berasategui and Arzak, both Michelin triple-starred chefs. José Manuel Miguel has also worked with great chefs such as Éric Frechon of the Hotel Bristol and Oscar Torrijos, the first Michelin-starred chef in Valence but also at the Hotel Ritz Madrid.



Da Vittorio - Bergamo

Enrico Cerea, nicknamed Chicco, caught the family cooking bug at an early age. The passion for cooking so infected his being that every free moment existed only for exploring and satisfying his curiosity and studying the secrets of gastronomy around the world. Talented without ever being pretentious, he was able to develop a highly personal style integrating with the recipes of Vittorio the sensitivity and technique he acquired over many years.

Enrico Cerea Bragard
Roberto Cerea Bragard



Da Vittorio - Bergamo

Roberto (nicknamed Bobo) is Enrico's right arm. He also caught the same bug as his older brother, that passion for gastronomy. As for Enrico, his applied studies, supported by numerous internships, allowed him to refine both his technique and his expertise. These deliciously tempting recipes, directly inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, are the reflection of his fondness for the "primi piatti" (pasta and risotto).



La Réserve - Paris

Since 2005, Jérôme Banctel has been the famous chef of the restaurants the Gabriel and  the Pagode de Cos, located within the very exclusive luxury hotel, la Reserve Paris. His talent has propelled him into the very limited circle of great starred chefs. He obtained his two stars in the Michelin Guide of 2016 and since then has been marrying tradition, daring and passion to bring to his clients exceptional gustatory emotions!

Jérôme Banctel Bragard
Virginie Basselot Bragard



La Réserve - Genève

Virginie Basselot took over control of the gastronomic restaurants of the luxury hotel La Réserve Geneva in October of 2016. Only the second woman to obtain the title of MOF Cuisine (one of the greatest artisans of France) since 1924, she benefits from a superb technical mastery and offers an elegant cuisine of unbelievable subtlety. Her creativity expresses itself as much through the balance of various flavours that her creations provide as through the beauty of the plates she offers.

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