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Today, the Bragard House presents its collaboration with the biggest names in French and European gourmet dining such as Alain Ducasse, Anne-Sophie Pic, Frédéric Anton, Amandine Chaigniot and many others.

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The Bragard 2018 international icons

Frédéric Anton Bragard


Frédéric Anton

Le pré Catelan***

At the helm of Le Pré Catelan restaurant, the flagship of the Lenôtre house, since 1997, Frédéric Anton thrice starred since 2007, and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000, is considered to be an emblematic figure in contemporary cuisine.
His artistic sense paired with his technique have raised his art to the rank of high-end gastronomy with cooking that is simple, tasty, and refined.
From the beauty of the plates to the perfection of the flavours, he shares his taste for what’s good and beautiful with complex dishes that hopelessly veer to perfection. Above all, its passion that energises this great French starred chef.




Executive Chef, Opus V** restaurant, flagship of the Engelhorn KGaA couture house, since 2013.
The Opus V and the Dachgarten “bistro” are located on the top floor of a large commercial mall in Mannheim where luxury and famous labels are side-by-side with more classic retailers.
Tristan Brandt, a twice starred chef since 2017, endeavours to make gastronomy the discovery of excellence.
With his team, he signs a forceful and original cuisine. The harmony and artistic sense of his taste creations are the signs of a talent recognised by the most important international gastronomical institutions.
Above all, it’s passion and challenge that energise this great German starred chef.  

Trisatn Brandt Bragard
Enrico Crippa Bragard



Piazza Duomo***

Crippa is a rigorous chef, perfectionist and extremely attentive, who has found the key for the ideal expression of his lucid imagination in purity. Clear and balanced cooking based on sensitivity, culture, and intuition, rare technical expertise and analytical skills.
All works to give life to very personal and contemporary dishes that are harmonious, light and sapid, based on products chosen with manic care and treated with micrometric precision.
If you ask Enrico Crippa what his objectives are, his answer is simple: “My guests’ happiness, and consequently, my own.”



Cheval Blanc*** 

Peter Knogl and his team at Cheval Blanc are ranked amoung the world’s 100 best restaurants.  Since 2007, the Kitchen Chef has pursued his career with success as he has everything that distinguishes a great kitchen chef.
Knogl remains faithful to his realistic style while staying open to new influences, and he loves to constantly develop his own ideas. His creations combine French haute cuisine with Mediterranean and Asian influences, concentrate on the essential and seek a perfect symbiosis of ingredients with the best nature has to offer.
With regards to his work, Peter Knogl confided: “My greatest pleasure is to choose quality products and prepare them.
My greatest joy is to spoil my clientele with cooking that’s full of colours and shapes, tastes and sun. My greatest satisfaction is to bring well-being with my cooking.” 

Peter Knogl Bragard
Bart De Pooter Bragard


bart de pooter


2003: 1st star in the Michelin guide.
2006: 2nd star in the Michelin guide.
2012: Chef of the Year.
2014: 3 toques in the Gault & Millau guide.
Elected Chef of the Year 2012 in Belgium by Gault & Millau, Bart de Pooter is the twice starred chef of Pastoral restaurant. He has forged a culinary philosophy with the greatest respect for exceptional products highlighting the product’s quality in the service of taste and flavour. It’s a cuisine of products. The plate is precise but it remains gourmet. 


Eric boschman

Eric Boschman 

Eric Boschman is a Belgian sommelier, born August 25, 1964. Title-holder of numerous distinctions including Best Sommelier in Belgium in 1988, today he is a reference person in the world of wine in Belgium.
Raised between restaurateur grand-parents and parents, there was no surprise when he followed in the family footsteps. After Hotel school in Namur, several passages in very big houses, and the opening of his own restaurant which has been quite successful including consecration with a Michelin star. His passion for wine has become his trademark as well as his battle horse. Press articles, food guides, works dedicated to wines known and unknown, but also radio and television commentary. 

Eric Boschman Bragard
Pascal Aussignac Bragard


Pascal Aussignac

Le Club Gascon*

Pascal Aussignac, opened his first restaurant on the Côte d’Azur at age 26.
1998: He created Le Club Gascon in London.
2002: He won 1 Michelin star.
To celebrate Club Gascon’s 10 year anniversary, he published his first cooking work which highlighted his attachment to his roots: Southwestern France.
Rewarded by Michelin, he cooks and, with his associate Vincent Labeyrie, supervises 6 restaurants in London, all imprint with a slightly different culinary theme celebrating French gastronomy and that of his homeland. Their star restaurant, Club Gascon, was rewarded with over 10 prizes and a Michelin star since 2002.


Dipna Anand

Brilliant restaurant

Dipna Anand, famous award-winning chef, is the host of “Dip in Kitchen”, aired on B4U Music.
She is co-owner of the famous Brilliant restaurant in Southall, author of the cookbook, Beyond Brilliant and also the director of her own cooking school.
Dipna has an exclusive partnership with Restaurant Associates and Levy (part of the Compass Group) and is the celebrity chef for the Punjabi (Secrets of Indian Cuisine) range of dishes which she created for the company. Dipna is also a lecturer in restaurants and hospitality services at the University of West London, and is developing a range of prepared meals called DAMM.
Her passion and her devotion to the world of gastronomy allow her to continue her culinary voyage in an independent manner.

Dipna Anand Bragard
Sudqi Naddaf Bragard

Middle East

Sudqi Naddaf

Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates

Executive Chef, Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates since 2012.
A creative and inspired chef who tasked himself with the mission of placing Middle East cuisine on the international culinary map, the chef supervises all cooking operations for the Mall of the Emirates Kempinski Hotel.
Chef Naddaf was the first Jordanian executive chef to lead the team of a 5-star in his country of origin. His impressive term at the Kempinski led to his nomination as Executive Chef. In addition to Middle East cuisine, which is his specialty. His diversified culinary training influenced his palate and his preparation techniques and led him to a passion for creative experimenting and signature fusion dishes such as date sushi. Chef Naddaf is well-known in Jordan where he hosts an extremely popular cooking show called “Baity”.

Middle East

Grégoire Berger

Restaurant L'Ossiano

2016: Winner of the S.Pellegrino contest for Africa & the Middle East.
Most commended chef of the year (7 different awards).
2013-2014-2015 & 2016: Best seafood restaurant, Time Out Dubai Restaurant award.
The chef’s cuisine: Contemporary and very international with a strong French influence, to the point where the French generally recognise the pronounced influence of his origins. He always tries to offer a very ethnic cuisine while staying as close to the product as possible.
He is the founder of A French Chef in Dubai, that connects and gathers great chefs with other chefs so they can present their gastronomical creations, and work together, in a pool of international creation.

Grégoire Berger Bragard
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